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Anti Virus for Apple Mac


Do you need anti virus software on your Apple mac?

The mac is not as susceptible to virus infection as Windows machines appear to be. Mainly due to the fact that Windows is easier to hack, but also due to the fact that Windows currently has a larger market share. If you were a virus writer and if you target Windows you are mathematically more likely to infect more machines.

However, there are viruses that exist that can infect your Mac. Attacks include Trojans, attacks against flaws in the Java platform and Microsoft Word document formats, aggressive browser plugins, malicious JavaScript and Python scripts, and malware.

Even if your mac itself does not a virus infection, it may connect to fileshares or receive emails that contain a virus. Although these may target Windows machines and are not detrimental to your machine, you could still unknowingly pass them on to your friends and family.

Sophos provide a anti virus product for the Mac, which is free for home use.  It can be found here.