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Benefits of a computer domain model

Computer network

As a small business, most often a business starts out with a handful of computers which each person works on. That computer is setup with the details of each person that needs to work on the machine.  They each have a seperate login, a desktop with files and links on, printers they need,email setup for them.


As the business grows, the requirement to share data and work more efficiently becomes increasingly more important.


The implementation of a domain model, installing a server to run Active Directory services, is one area that a business can find great efficiencies.


Typically the server will also run other services, such as file sharing and remote access.


With a domain implementation, security and settings are controlled at a single point, the Active Directory server.


Following the implementation of a new Active Directory domain at a customer site in Exeter, workers were amazed that they could logon to any computer within the office with just one username and password and find all their desktop settings, email settings and printers were already there. No lengthy delays waiting for  IT support to set it all up for them.


Integration with the domain to enable file sharing, printing and remote access was also achieved with Apple Mac machines, despite this requirement previously not being addressed by other IT professionals.


TeamK can assist with implementation of new Active Directory domain, or configuration of an existing domain to enable even greater efficiencies.