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Case Study – Office 365 hosted email on ADSL Broadband


Hosted Email - Office 365

Email Migrations into Office 365 hosted Exchange

One of the services offered by Microsoft under the Office 365 banner is hosted Exchange mailboxes.


At TeamK we are able to setup Office 365 hosted Exchange and migrate business emails into the new system, whilst maintaining coexistence between the old and new system for the duration of the migration.


I was recently asked whether using ADSL broadband was an issue whilst using hosted Exchange mailboxes as oppose to an onsite Exchange Server (well we are in the depths of Devon).


This reminded me of a A recent migration into Office 365 for an Exeter based customer that has proven that ADSL, even with poor speeds, is not an issue if planned and managed correctly.


The Exeter based company have 15 mailboxes now hosted on Office 365.


At the time of the migration, the ADSL speeds at their office were in the region of 5Mbps download speeds.  This is slow, even for ADSL in Devon!


The migration took place to coincide with when people were not in the office, over evenings and weekends to ensure that day to day business was not affected during the changeover. The existing mailboxes were grouped to allow enough time for full migration before starting the next group.


The migration took a couple of weeks to complete and during this time there were no issues with email flow either into or out of the business.


Emails were migrated successfully, with little impact to the business on this slow ADSL broadband link.


If you have any questions regarding email migrations or how your email system can perform better, contact us today.