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Electronic Devices – my gadget is dead.


Recycling electronic gadgets is the responsible way to dispose of any broken electronic devices.  They will need to be correctly treated so that any hazardous components do not cause any issues with the environment.

There are a number of options for recycling, from sending them to a company to refurbish, or gifting them to a charity organisation, or relative.  If they are no longer of any practical use, finding a recycling provider to strip down the gadget ensures that the component materials can be reused, such as metal for scrap metal, whilst at the same time removing any toxins.

Sometimes it seems more convenient to buy new when an electronic device is no longer working and repairing is often overlooked.  This is especially true for items where there are few places to reliably get your device working again.

A simple repair could give the gadget a new lease of life and save you money too. Before recycling it may be worth finding out if it is worth repairing.

Whichever option you decide upon be sure to always erase any data and settings on your device.  Often resetting the gadget back to factory defaults can remove most data, but more extensive methods would be needed for items such as hard drives inside laptops to ensure the data could not be recovered.