Remote IT Support

Extending internet access and wifi connectivity

Many homes and workplaces have internet connectivity, which is supplied by an Interenet Service Provider (ISP), for example BT, Virgin, Eclipse etc.

This does not mean once you have internet connected to your premises that everybody within the premises will be able to access the internet.  Most commonly once you sign up for an internet package, the service provider will supply equipment into your premises, most commonly a wireless router which only provides so much coverage.



For example, in the diagram, the wireless router provided has been positioned in the room in the bottom left of the house.  The reach of the wifi only extends to cover the bottom left corner of the house.  In reality it is more complicated than this, as the different surfaces and materials in the house either absorb or reflect the signal also.

If somebody in the top right room wanted to access the internet wirelessly, it is possible that they would not be able to.


If wireless or wired connectivity is required in other areas of the house there will need to be installation required of extra equipment and/or extra cables within the house.

TeamK has experience in extending wifi access through many different types of buildings.  From offices and workshops, to hotels, bars and student accomodation.

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