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Exeter Business IT Support Case Study

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The thought of changing your IT Service Provider and changing to a new IT Infrastructure at the same time can be pretty daunting. With the experience and knowledge of the IT Support team at TeamK it was accomplished for this business in Exeter, Devon with ease.


In order to become more competitive and efficient after experiencing growth this Exeter based business required a new sales order processing system. This system would improve the end to end order process and also manage the stock control and invoicing.


In addition to a new IT system, there were concerns about the existing network and hardware. The setup was not efficient following growth and the bespoke solutions were time consuming to support.

The IT Challenge

  • The new software would not run on the existing IT infrastructure
  • No documentation on existing infrastructure setup in place
  • Backups needed to be automated
  • Existing network setup was less efficient for the size of the workforce
  • Security concerns about access to the network

The IT Solution

  • A new Microsoft Windows server was designed and installed
  • Migration of data of old failing hardware was achieved with no downtime
  • All systems were connected to enable seamless working amoungst staff
  • Network security audit was completed

The Business Benefits

  • A faster more resiliant server more easily supported
  • The ability of workers to work at any computer and instantly have what they need at their fingertips
  • Peace of mind over data security from backups, network audits and failing hardware


At TeamK there is no requirement for the existing IT infrastructure setup to be known as we have the skills to be able to audit the existing setup and analyse the connections.


IT Support or IT Projects will inevitably be completed in a quicker timescale if this information is readily available, however we understand that this is not always the case.


Whether you are looking for IT Support for your existing systems, or new system integration with your existing computer network, we have the skills to achive your requirements.





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