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iPad repair

We provide a professional and reliable iPad repair service and can repair almost any fault, for much less than the cost of a new device.

Prices for some of the more common iPad repairs can be found below, if you do not see the repair you are looking for please contact us through our email form .

iPad 1 broken glass and replacement frame - £70.00

iPad 2,3 and 4 broken glass - £60.00

iPad mini 1, 2 or 3 broken glass - £75.00

iPad Air broken glass - £75.00

iPad Air 2 broken glass - £POA

If you have dropped your Apple iPad and the touch screen is cracked or damaged, maybe it no longer responds to your touch but the LCD display still looks fine, then the touch screen can be replaced. The replacement parts are brand new. Our professional procedure which is used when replacing the touch screen is comparable in finish to the original factory fitting and finish. Many other repair companies choose to only use adhesive tape to mount a replacement touch screen however after a short period of time you will notice this may lift up or peel away from the case mounting. We use laser cut 3M adhesive tape, and a synthetic resin adhesive to bond the replacment touch screen in position giving you a factory finish with no lifting or peeling away from the rear case.

iPad broken LCD screen - £90.00

If your iPad has suffered a sharp knock or fall and you can see black ink spots or bleeding on the LCD screen, yet the touchscreen still works, then this is the repair service for you. Our experienced technicians will replace your broken LCD screen with a brand new part, restoring functionality to your device and returning it to full working order, newer iPads like the iPad Air 2 are more expensive, contact us for latest price.

iPad 2 broken glass & LCD together - £120.00

If you have broken the glass and maybe you can see bleeding or black ink spots on the display screen. Has the touch screen got dead spots or even bad cracks in the touch screen glass as well as damage to the internal LCD? You will need to have both screens replaced. The replacement screens are brand new screen units. A broken screen is classed by Apple as a non-warranty repair and they will charge you accordingly. This screen repair service is a cheaper option and performed to our highest standards.

iPad battery replacement - £90.00

If the battery on your Apple iPad is taking forever to reach a full charge or maybe it is just not lasting as long as it used to, maybe it has been left uncharged for a long period of time and no matter how much you charge the battery it still gives poor performance. If this is the case you need a new battery, let us fit a brand new rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to your unit.

iPad volume power/lock button replacement - £60.00

If your unit has button issues, allow our expert technicians to repair your tablet. Common symptoms of failed or faulty buttons are your volume down or up no longer responds when pressed or your power/sleep button no longer turns on or off your device. This service will also fix any lock switch issues you may have.

iPad dock connector replacement - £70.00

If your iPad is unable to sync or connect with iTunes or is not charging. Maybe you can see that the pins on the dock connector are broken or bent, if any of the these symptoms are evident then you will need a new dock connector/charging port socket. Our expert technicians will replace the dock connector with a brand new part which will rectify all of these problems.

iPad 1 and 2 headphone socket replacement - £60.00

iPad 3 and 4 headphone socket replacement - £90.00

If your device has started to develop sound issues and will not play music through the headphones or maybe your microphone is failing to work as it should then this is the repair you require. This repair is ideal when more than one fault exists with your headphone assembly or microphone.

iPad home button replacement - £60.00

Have you broken the home button on your iPad? The last thing you need is a home button that does not work as this is a very frustrating fault stopping you from using your apps and returning to the home screen when it is pressed, if when pushing the home button nothing happens you require our in house repair. Allow our expert technicians to replace the faulty home button circuit on your Apple iPad.

iPad wifi antenna repair - £60.00

If you are getting a low wi-fi signal or no wi-fi signal at all then this will be the repair that you require to fix this issue. Our engineers will carefully dissasemble you iPad and will replace the antenna with a brand new part which will return the signal back to full strength again.

iPad 2 front or back camera repair - £60.00

Is your camera damaged? Does the image look distorted or do you just see coloured lines? We can replace either your front or back camera which will bring back that crisp image you used to have.

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All iPad repairs are guaranteed for 6 months against the original fault only. The warranty covers against defects only and not against obvious misuse. We will not take responsibility for unrelated faults. Note:- Once we open your iPad any manufacturers warranty will be void.

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