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Apple iPod Classic Repair

iPod Classic repair

We provide a professional and reliable iPod Classic repair service and can repair almost any fault, for much less than the cost of a new device.

Prices for some of the more common iPod Classic repairs can be found below, if you do not see the repair you are looking for please contact us through our email form .

iPod Classic broken LCD screen - £50.00

If your second or third generation iPod has suffered a sharp knock or fall and you can see black ink spots or bleeding on the LCD screen, yet the Classic screen still works, then this is the repair service for you. Our experienced technicians will replace your broken LCD screen with a brand new part, restoring functionality to your device.

Battery replacement - £50.00

If the battery on your Apple iPod Classic is taking forever to reach a full charge or maybe it is just not lasting as long as it used to, maybe it has been left uncharged for a long period of time and no matter how much you charge the battery it still gives poor performance. If this is the case you need a new battery, let us fit a brand new rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to your unit. Unlike some other repair companies we only use 100% genuine batteries.

Click wheel replacement - £45.00

Have you broken the click wheel on your iPod? The last thing you need is a click wheel that does not work, this is a very frustrating fault stopping you from listening to your music and returning to the home screen when it is pressed, if when using the click wheel nothing happens you require our in house repair. Allow our expert technicians to replace the faulty click wheel on your device.

Headphone jack replacement - £50.00

If your device has started to develop sound issues and will not play music through the headphones, or maybe you have lost all sound? If so then the headphone jack is likely to be at fault. Another common symptom of headphone socket failure is that sound is only present in one of the earpieces. If you have any of these faults you will require our services to return your device to full working order.

Hard Drive replacement - £POA

If your iPod Classic is not booting or displaying an error the internal hard drive probably needs replacing, The cost of a hard drive upgrade or replacement of a failed drive is provided at the time of repair. This is due to the fluctuating cost of hard drives and ensures that you will always receive great value for money.

Not sure of iPod Classic repair cost? Please contact us by phone or email.

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All iPod Classic repairs are guaranteed for 3 months against the original fault only. The warranty covers against defects only and not against obvious misuse. We will not take responsibility for unrelated faults. Note:- Once we open your iPod Classic any manufacturers warranty will be void.

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