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PSP repair

We provide a professional and reliable PSP repair service to Paignton and surrounding areas. We can repair almost any fault, for much less than the cost of a new device.

Prices for some of the more common PSP repairs can be found below, if you do not see the repair you are looking for please contact us through our email form .

Sony PSP LCD screen cracked or damaged - £45

If you have broken the LCD screen on your PSP the inside may look as if it is bleeding an inky black substance. The screen on the outside may be completely intact however the inside will look like a smashed pane of glass. This repair could also be necessary if your screen has been short-circuited, you can tell that this has happened if you can't see anything on the screen but you can hear sound from both the speakers and the UMD drive spinning.

Sony PSP analogue stick replacement - £30

With regards to the analogue joystick on the Sony PSP, this is an easy fault to diagnose and for the most part a straight forward repair. It is however a frustrating fault, and can make PSP games that rely on the analogue stick unusable (for example driving, wrestling, football and free-roaming games such as Daxter). You will find with this fault that you do not have to touch anything on the PSP for some kind of movement to happen on screen. For example in a football game the player currently under control may run in one direction without the analogue stick being moved. If your console is missing the analogue cap we can replace this within the cost of the repair.

Sony PSP directional or power button repair - £30

If your PSP input buttons are worn or not working, then this is the repair service for you. We will clean the main board copper contacts, replace your old buttons complete with rubber insets. If your console is failing to turn on when the power switch is pressed, then it is likely that the switch on the mainboard will have to be replaced. Our expert technicians will replace the faulty part with a brand new one which will bring your PSP back to full working order again.

Sony PSP UMD door broken - £30

If your UMD door mechanism will not close or it appears the metal legs holding the door in place have come off from their position then this is the repair that you require. Another symptons of a fauly UMD door is the drive springs open without the mechanism being touched. Perhaps the UMD door has completely detached from the PSP console, if so then let one of our expert engineers fix this problem for you and return your console to full working order.

Sony PSP not reading UMD games or movies - £40

Generally this fault is a result of a damaged UMD laser. There is an important distinction to be made with this repair as sometimes this fault can be caused by a faulty mainboard. However for the most part the repair is simply a case of replacing the UMD laser inside your PSP. You will be able to tell if the mainboard is faulty as opposed to the laser as you won't hear the UMD spinning inside your PSP. You also won't see the spinning circle at the bottom of your home screen.

Sony PSP sound problems - £30

If the internal speakers are failing or completely dead then these will need to be replaced. With this repair we will replace the dead or failing units for brand new ones to restore audio capability to your PSP.

Sony PSP wifi or headphone jack repair - £35

The Sony PSP has a built in WiFi adapter, which when there is a Wifi network present it will be able to locate this and connect. This will enable the PSP to browse the Internet etc, however if your Sony PSP WiFi has stopped working or it may not be able to discover the available network then this is the repair you require. If you are sure other devices are functioning correctly on this WiFi, your PSP WiFi circuit board may need replacing. Unfortuantely if the wifi fault is linked to a fault on the mainboard you may require a replacement official Sony PSP board, our engineers will contact you first if this is the case. The headphone jack is also part of the WiFi board so if your PSP has started to develop sound issues and will not play music through the headphones, or maybe you have lost all sound? If so then the headphone jack is likely to be at fault. Another common symptom of headphone socket failure is that sound is only present in one of the earpieces. If you have any of these faults you will require our services to return your device to full working order.

Sony PSP memory card faults - £35

If your PSP is failing to read data off the memory stick or you can see that some of the pins have either broken or bent out of shape, then this is the repair for you. Our experienced technicians will replace the defective part with a brand new one.

Sony PSP replacement mainboard - £55

If your PSP is having serious ROM, software issues or continuous power problems that do not relate to switch or fuse failures then you may need the entire mainboard replacing. A brand new Sony replacement mainboard replacement is guaranteed to bring your PSP console back to perfect working order.

Sony PSP Bricked / Not booting / Firmware Update - £30.00

This is a very common fault with the PSP console, it is generally caused when there is some problem with a routine firmware upgrade. For example if the power cable is removed during the update this can cause the PSP to become what is known as 'bricked'. What this means is that the software built in to the mainboard of the console has become corrupt, preventing it from working. This problem can also occur if a user attempts to install custom firmware. We can fix this problem on the PSP 1000 by restoring the firmware to its previous state.

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All PSP repairs are guaranteed for 3 months against the original fault only. The warranty covers against defects only and not against obvious misuse. We will not take responsibility for unrelated faults. Note:- Once we open your PSP any manufacturers warranty will be void.

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