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Web Design 10 tips – increasing the awareness

Websites can be a real investment for your business and can accomplish a lot of goals. The trick is to build on the framework that is put in place when the website is first created.

This series of articles gives bitesize ideas for which direction you many want to take your website and ways of improving your visibility.

Add links to your website to improve visibility and traffic.

Your website link is or

  1. If you have a personal Facebook page, add your website link to your page. This can be found in the contact information area of your profile.
  2. Add your website to your work information area on Facebook and when posting a status to let all your friends know your website is complete, be sure to include the link. In fact, include the link on any social media website you use.
  3. If your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/great aunt (you get the picture) has a Facebook/social media account, see if they will post a link to your website.
  4. If you are active on any forums, either for personal interests or for businesses add your website to your profile and/or signature.  Be sure to check the forum rules first as each one has slightly different rules on where/when you can add a link to your website.
  5. Add your website to You need to be the business owner to do this, but you can set up a free listing on this commonly used website.
  6. Set up a profile on FreeIndex. Traffic from this site varies based on what service you provide.  It provides somewhere for people to leave reviews and contact multiple vendors at once so could provide some traffic for your website.
  7. Add your website address to your email signature.  People often keep a copy of emails received and will then be able to go to your website in one click.
  8. Setup (and use!) an email address which includes your domain name eg  Not only does this look more professional there are more and more places asking for your email addresss now. If someone happens to see your email address it is very simple for them to visit your website to see what it is all about.
  9. Check your listings with any trade organisations and bodies to see if there is an opportunity to add your business details and a link to your website.
  10. If you are running any advertising or are planning any press releases, do check if a link can be included to your website.

If you are a TeamK customer and need assistance with any of these, then please get in contact with us.