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Web Design – Search Engine Rankings

Most people would like to see their website appear high on the search engine results, as higher rankings do mean more visitors to your site.

There is a whole industry based on improving the ranking of a website, called search engine optimization.  This is NOT what we offer at TeamK as part of our web design services.

However, as part of creating a website it is important that it fulfils the requirements, such as creating more customers, else the investment in the website is not returned.

Now whilst we do not offer these services it has been noted by our customers that websites designed by TeamK do achieve reasonable ranking in the search engines, so why is this?

bmw_service_ranking upvc_windows


Considering the two examples above, you can see for the search term we find a ranking of No 2 and No 1 for the two different websites that have been designed by TeamK.  These are the organic rankings found below the Google adverts, which are paid for.

These results have been achieved by following the guidelines which have been set out by the search engines and paying attention to detail.  Whilst I have no doubt that an SEO expert would find areas for improvement, this is a good example of your website being in a great position to increase your business.