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At the end of last year a couple of interesting Network / Internet projects were completed at projects

A significant proportion of the IT network support carried out by TeamK involves troubleshooting or enhancing the coverage/speed of network performance, both with cabled networks and wifi networks.


Both of these network projects were a little different to the normal  request to expand and speed up the network.

Expand, speed up and limit bandwidth per user

The first project did need extended coverage across a large sprawling premises and there were also speed issues, this is something that we see all the time. Where the requirement started to become interesting was when it was requested that the bandwidth was allocated more fairly to everyone using the internet connectivity.


It was requested that the bandwidth be limited on a per user basis, so everyone would get a fair proportion of the bandwidth available. In effect a fair usage policy, so that no one or two people could monopolise all of the connection by downloading large files. A further requirement on this project was to limit the amount of time the connections could stay connected for. So after 5 hours each device would need to reconnect again.


This is not something that would be useful for most businesses so was unique to these specific circumstances. The successful implementation of this project shows the degree of flexibility that can be tailored to suit each individual requirement given the right hardware specifications.

Internet Web Filtering

Another project which was running at the same time, for a different business, was a requirement for internet usage to be filtered depending on the content of the website.


This is often implemented in large businesses where certain classifications of websites are blocked to employees. Often it involves the purchase of a server to control the connections out to the internet and is located at the business premises.  As this business consisted of many small offices and the filtering was required for guests of the business, the standard design for this requirement was not suitable.


After reviewing several products, the solution was tested and them implemented successfully for this business.  The guests to these offices are unable to browse categories such as social networking sites and adult themed sites.


A further benefit of this service is the extra security measures that protect the network.  The filtering service ensures that sites that contain Malware or Phishing sites are blocked to protect the devices and the network from accessing harmful content and prevent it being downloaded.  As with any business that allows personal devices to connect to the network (BYOD) there is also the threat that an infected device will connect to the business network.  This implementation also prevents any devices that are hosting botnets attempting to communicate with hackers’ command and control servers from with the business network.


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