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Google Deadline for Mobile Websites

Are you aware of what is happening on April 21st?

Torquay Web Design

Starting on April 21st Google will be using the mobile signals on a website to add to the ranking factors.


This means if your website is not mobile friendly, it will be placed lower in the search engine search results compared to sites which are mobile friendly.


Link to Google post for background information.


At TeamK we have completed the work to make our website mobile friendly.


Not just because it is used as a ranking metric, a huge 50% of traffic to the TeamK website is on mobile devices.


Updating the website has meant a drop in bounce rate, meaning potential customers stay on our website for longer.

Mobile Website Updating

If you would like your website updated, either to become mobile friendly based on the current design, or a complete refresh of your website, drop us an email.


There are several routes available.

1 – Update existing site for mobile searches

This options keeps all of your existing information and setup exactly the same.

Amendments are made so if a mobile device views your website, the layout is optimised for them.


2 – Opt for TeamK website adminsitration service

The Website Administration service is a monthly fee, which covers updates to your website each month.

Website Adminstration keeps your website up to date and adds content & features. This is essential to ensure good rankings.

The mobile updates can be incorporated into this package.


option 3 – Complete Redesign

If your website has not been updated for a number of years, the chances are it could do with a refresh.

You may have been considering an update to the website, if so this could be the perfect opportunity to get all the updates you have been thinking of completed.


Website Referrals

Did you know that TeamK gives you the opportunity to earn money by referring some of our services?


If you know someone that is looking for assistance with an existing or a new website, then introduce them and earn yourself a reward too.


A large proportion of our work comes from satisfied customers and business associates who are happy to recommend our services.


This is our way of saying thank you.


As long as they are not already known to us as a previous or existing customer or from a previous enquiry then you can earn 10% of their webdesign fee.


Drop us an email with the contact details and we will do the rest.


If you have any questions about any of our website design services, then drop us an email.