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Memory Upgrades


When your Windows computer or Windows laptop start to go slow and it can get to the point where it impedes your ability to work efficiently. There are several options you can consider when looking to speed your computer or laptop up.


From experience, the greatest reason for a computer going slow is often down to malware taking up all the processing power.  The first course of action should be to check for any malware or virus infections which will slow the computer down.


If there are many programs installed on the computer and over time it has bloated with all the installations that have been performed over the years a good option is to wipe it clean and reinstall the operating system.  There is a small amount of pain to experience with this option, as all software which has been previously loaded will need to be reinstalled again.


If you are looking for a way to speed up your computer or laptop after these activities have been considered it may be time to look at performing a memory upgrade.


If you are unsure which memory is compatible with your computer, then it would be worth running the scanner provided by Crucial.


This scanner reviews your sytem and provides options for which upgrades are compatible with your system.


It also takes into account the maximum memory supported by your system, as there is a limit to how much memory the computer will be able to use.


It is important to ensure the memory you purchase is compatible, if there is an issue with the memory in your computer or laptop you will find that it is unable to boot successfully.


To go the the system scanner follow this link.


If you would like a review of your system to see what options are available for speeding it up then contact us today.