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Hard drive upgrade / Hard drive failure

Hard Drives

There are a couple of reasons why you may have the hard drive replaced in your computer. You may want to increase capacity and gain more storage space, especially if you have an older computer. Also after failure of your computer's hard drive.

Computer hard drive failure can occur due to the mechanical nature of the hard drive, over time the mechanical parts do wear. When we replace your hard drive, if you have a valid license, the operating system will be reinstalled as part of the service.

Hard drive upgrades are offered to increase the capacity available for storage of your data. Giving you more room to stop you running out of space. With an upgrade all data that is on your computer is transferred across to the new hard drive, so none of your data is lost.

The cost of a hard drive upgrade or replacement of a failed drive is provided at the time of repair. This is due to the fluctuating cost of hard drives and ensures that you will always receive great value for money.

The quickest way to contact us is via our email form, if you have any questions about our hard drive services, or if you wish to arrange a collection.